Videogame Cat of the Week: Kitty


If you’re lucky enough to play The Stone Prisoner DLC for Dragon Age: Origins (BioWare, 2009), you’ll meet Kitty. Kitty is a cat. A cat who can talk. Wouldn’t Kitty’s ability to talk indicate she’s not actually a cat? Nonsense. Kitty is a cat, really. The reason she can talk is that she’s the best cat. A beautiful cat. The most amazing cat in the history of the world.

Some anonymous sources say that Kitty is not a cat at all, but a desire demon, mimicking the form of a cat. But that’s just FAKE NEWS. The single greatest witch hunt of a cat in Thedosian history. No cat in history—and I say this with great surety—has been treated worse, or more unfairly.

For Kitty’s own words on the matter, peek below the fold.

Up next week: another possessed cat.

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