Publication and Papers


Books in-progress

Tactile Abstractions: Game Interfaces, Identification, and Intimacy. (Book manuscript, currently in-progress)

Articles in peer-reviewed journals, published or forthcoming

“What Were Minecart Boosters? Minecraft, Digital Distribution, and Preservative Labor.” Journal of Fandom Studies 6, no. 1 (March 2018) |

“Don(n’t) Hold Your Breath: The Human at the Keyboard and the Ethics of Unconventional Interfaces.” New Review of Film and Video 16, no. 2 (March 2018) | | post-print version

“Do the Locomotion: Obstinate Avatars, Dehiscent Performances, and the Rise of the Comedic Videogame.” The Velvet Light Trap, no. 77 (March 2016) ||post-print version

Co-authored articles in peer-reviewed journals, published or forthcoming

Macklin, Megan, Patrick Jagoda, Ian Bryce Jones, and Melissa Gilliam. “Game-based Health Education: The Case of Hexacago Health Academy.” Journal of STEM Outreach 1, no. 2 (April 2018). | non-DOI link |

Additional publications, published or forthcoming

“Three Dimensions of Bond: Fidelity and Coherence in the Videogame Adaptations of GoldenEye.” Co-authored with Chris Carloy. Beyond 007: James Bond Reconsidered, ed. Jaap Verheul (Chapter submitted; anthology forthcoming in 2019 on Amsterdam University Press.)

“Teaching (Like) Hannah Frank (1984–2017): A Tribute” Co-authored with Mihaela Mihailova, Jen Bircher, Robert Bird, Mariana Johnson, Ryan Pierson, Alla Gadassik, and Tim Palmer. The Moving Image: The Journal of the Association of Moving Image Archivists 18, no 1 (Spring 2018) |

“Review of ‘The Art of Video Games: From Pac-Man to Mass Effect’ by Chris Melissinos and Patrick O’Rourke.” (2015). |


“Enough of a World: A Phenomenology of Videogame Weltlichkeit.”  University of Chicago (Department of Cinema and Media Studies), 2015. Committee: Patrick Jagoda (chair), Tom Gunning, James Lastra | PDF

Conference Presentations

“Playbor in the Loop: eSports and Athletic Scholarships in Chicago Education.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference 2017, March 22–26, 2017, Chicago, IL | link to blog post version

“Interfacing Intuition, or, the GUIness of the Detective’s Gaze.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference 2016, March 30–April 3, 2016, Atlanta, GA. | link to blog post version

“A Generous Gestalt: The Labor of Letting-be in Phil Solomon’s In Memoriam: Mark LaPore and Psalm I.” The Berkeley Conference on Precarious Aesthetics, October 15–17, 2015, Berkeley, CA. | link to conference proceedings version

“Is Raw Data an Oxymoron? The State of the Cinemetrics Database as a Digital Humanities Tool.” Cinemetrics Across Borders, April 30–May 3, 2015, Chicago, IL

“The Emergence of the First-Person Body.” Society for Phenomenology and Media Seventeenth Annual International Conference, March 25–29, 2015, San Diego, CA. | link to blog post version

“Alpha Waves: On the Fluid Geographies of Minecraft.” Society for Literature, Science and the Arts Conference 2014, “Fluid,” October 9–12, 2014, Dallas, TX

“Mapping the Synesthetic Interface.” Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) Conference 2014, “ the  of Game ,” August 3–6, 2014, Snowbird, UT. link to blog post version | link to conference proceedings version

“The Obstinate Avatar: On (the Lack of) Bodily Intelligence in Recent Slapstick Videogames.” Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference 2014, March 19–23, 2014, Seattle, WA

“Special Effectivities: On the Intersection of Spatial Knowledge and Bodily Skill.” The Seventh International Conference on the Philosophy of Computer Games, “Computer Game Space: Concept, Form and Experience,” October 2–4, 2013, Bergen, Norway. | link to blog post version | link to conference proceedings version

“The Most Intense Micromanagement of Individual Leg Muscles: Unconventional Scale of Control in ‘Motor Strategy’ Games.” The Ninth Annual University of Chicago Cinema and Media Studies Graduate Student Conference, “Visions of Scale: Magnification, Duration, Perspective, Projection,” April 5–6, 2013, Chicago, IL