Videogame Cat of the Week: Morgana


As I mentioned last week, Atlus has so far developed two games released on eighth generation consoles: Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE (2015) on the Wii U, and Persona 5 (2016) on the PS4. Both are set in Tokyo, with certain locations—such as Shibuya and its landmarks—featured prominently. And both have a cat.

Well, technically, Morgana isn’t a cat. Whenever he’s called one, he protests vehemently. But whatever. If he looks like a cat, and sounds like a cat, he’s cat enough for this blog.


Whoops, I guess he doesn’t sound like a cat. At least not to everyone. Morgana is, like Teddy before him in Persona 4, a creature found in the shadow dimension, with a mysterious origin and obeying strange rules. Also, he can turn into a car. (The moment of his first transformation arrives with a sly nod to Catbus of My Neighbor Totoro fame.) And fix cars, when need be. Quite the critter, Morgana.


Up next week: another cat that may, in fact, not be a cat.

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