Creative Video Work

My lifelong passion for the moving image began not in the realms of criticism and teaching, but in media production. I received my undergraduate degree in the production-centric Film and the Electronic Arts Department at Bard College in 2007. I have professional experience in video production that stretches from freelance work around my hometown I began doing in 1998 at the age of thirteen, to postproduction work on digitally-shot feature films and gallery-based video art following my undergraduate education. Alongside contract work, I produced a steady stream of creative output throughout the 2000s. Embedded here are a few highlights of my creative output over the years; a wider selection can be found on my Vimeo page.

OREO NABISCO secret planet POISON january 2018 Concealed Information CONFIRMED!!!!. 2018. Commissioned as part of the show “Heaven Is a Place” at The Nightingale Cinema. The show entailed making work for a specific screening, just not the same one. Each work constitutes a(n art) historical insertion and a speculative citation and a wormhole to another screening. This video was created for the context of the 2018 New York Outsider Art Fair (Metropolitan Pavilion, Jan 18–21 2018).

On Ones (And Zeroes)2017. Shown as part of a memorial for my friend Hannah Frank.

The Lost Poetry of Johann Hoffmann2008. Created for Jesse Malmed’s DEEP LEAP MICROCINEMA program ZAUM / BEYONSENSE. Premiered 3/29/2010 at The Wail in Portland, OR as a part of that program’s tour.

The Tyranny of the Human Experience: C. 2007. One segment of my senior project for the Film and Electronic Arts Department at Bard College. Awarded Bard College’s Jerome Hill Award for exceptional work in the documentary tradition.

Elegy. 2006. Screened at the Kent Film Festival, Kent, CT.