Videogame Cat of the Week: Jeane


In No More Heroes (Grasshopper Manufacturer, 2007), otaku assassin Travis Touchdown has a kitten named Jeane. In No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle (Grasshopper Manufacture, 2010), Jeane has is full-grown, and is now fat. These things happen.

Travis’ main interaction with Jeane in Desparate Struggle takes the form of an exercise regimen. He has decided that Jeane could lose some weight, and is determined to meet this goal. The regimen includes both playing and forms of rigorous petting.


I love that Jeane is chunky, not in just the metaphorical way of being fat, but also in more literal ways. Her model is fairly low-polygon, giving her an odd, thrown-together look. Her movements don’t have very many frames of animation to them.


Jeane’s exercise regimen in Desparate Struggle is clearly the medium’s greatest representation of goal-setting, persistence, and gradual bonding. Suck on that, Persona-series social links.

Full video of the exercise regimen below, in case you need your day to be delightful.

Next week: we plunge even deeper in the the Wii’s library, for our final Wii cats.

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